“He Had it Coming”

Some time ago I wrote The Moment of Impact quoting experiences of many betrayed partners around the world. In my opinion, society, culture and media do a lousy job conveying the reality and intensity of trauma and suffering inflicted upon loved ones in the wake of intimate betrayal. The consequences of infidelity, betrayal and addictionContinue reading ““He Had it Coming””

30th Wedding Anniversary

2/10/1993 was the day we exchanged vows committing our relationship of 3 years to “til death do us part”. Beyond Betrayal; 28 Years, Lies-Deceit-Infidelity tells the whole story. So here we are 30 years married and just over 4 years into recovery, celebrating a milestone that I never thought we’d see after our 2018 separation.Continue reading “30th Wedding Anniversary”

Pornography—Why the Big Deal?

Here’s a couple of questions for anyone in a committed relationship consuming porn. N.B. this is not a post with intent to provoke shame rather one that I hope might encourage users to think beyond the obvious. Q. Is your partner fully aware of what you’re doing—have you casually shared with them that you haveContinue reading “Pornography—Why the Big Deal?”

Grieving The Losses

Grief is a part of life. We lose someone or something we love, it’s a natural human response to mourn and grieve. Usually there’s a process for grief and all grief is valid. When someone we love dies we are generally surrounded by community offering support, bringing meals, running errands, cleaning house, taking care ofContinue reading “Grieving The Losses”

Hey Affair Partner

I’m not even sure which one I’m writing to at this stage, there’s been a few, so I’m going to start with the ones who knew that the person they became involved with had a partner and a family. If I’m being honest you’re the ones I hold least respect for, you see you knewContinue reading “Hey Affair Partner”

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year ❤️‍🩹

A wounded heart often struggles to live up to expectations of the Christmas season. If your heart is hurting, grappling to find joy in the midst of trauma, please be kind to yourself. Do what you must do but not more than need to and remember that it’s ok to say “no” to things thatContinue reading “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year ❤️‍🩹”

The Moment of Impact

June Twenty-Sixth marks the 1 year anniversary of Beyond Betrayal, 28 Years; Lies-Deceit-Infidelity book launch. *(At the bottom of this post, there is a link that will give you 50% off eBooks, only available for 24 hours on 26/6/22, please share this post with anyone you think may be interested. Click here for reviews )Continue reading “The Moment of Impact”

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Cleaning Out The Wound

Dave’s a surfer, he could spend hours in a lineup waiting for his chance to pull into the perfect barrel. Over the years he’s had his fair share of reef kisses. Most parts of his body have either been grazed, scratched, pierced or cut by some form of marine matter. Sea Urchins and broken bitsContinue reading “Cleaning Out The Wound”

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The Secret Sexual Basement

What the heck is this you may ask? The last three years have been quite the learning curve for us as we explore the complexities of infidelity, secrets, lies, duality, and narcissistic abusive behaviours. It’s a learning curve that I never imagined I’d be on—in saying this—I’m thankful that both Dave and I possess aContinue reading “The Secret Sexual Basement”

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The Role of Spirituality in Recovery

I’ve always believed that we humans are spiritual beings encompassed in a temporal body, a little similar to an envelope that carries a letter inside. The envelope has a purpose although it’s the letter that contains all of the really important stuff. I’m unashamedly Christian and also unashamedly imperfect. My faith is what has sustainedContinue reading “The Role of Spirituality in Recovery”