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Noni & David Yates

Noni and David live on the north coast of New South Wales. They are beach dwelling ocean lovers and gourmet travellers. Good food, good wine, good company and a damn good laugh are at the top of their most enjoyable things to do—throw in Spotify, a game of 500 and that’s entertainment sorted. Although their taste in music differs, they’ve learnt the art of compromise. David is more Hendrix, Dylan and Neil Young while Noni is anything from Chisel to Cher, to Sam Smith, Florence and the Machine and, anything ’80s. Read more about the authors.

Best friends and life partners, in the early ’90s Noni and David believed that they were at the beginning of a wonderful love story.

Noni, a twenty-five-year-old single mother and successful award-winning hairdresser/salon owner; David, twenty-nine—an intelligent, articulate and well-educated man in the healthcare industry. Two individuals, both highly regarded in their respective professional careers—little did they understand what lay ahead.

Their memoir, BEYOND BETRAYAL—28 YEARS—LIES-DECEIT-INFIDELITY invites you on a conversational highway, exploring how it feels to live an enormously compartmentalised life—it reveals how they learnt to love and be loved through 28 years of confusion and chaos.




‘Meet Dave’

DAVE: I’ve always considered myself a fairly laid back and uncomplicated guy. Late into my fifty-seventh year was an awakening to realise I was anything but…Unfortunately, by then, I’d crushed and almost destroyed people I love deeply. In the coming pages, you’ll read how a man professing to love, care for, and protect his family, was actually the one they needed to be protected from…


‘The Honeymoon’s Over

“NONI: Expressing my apprehension to Dave, he casually shrugged it off, dismissing my unease as not being something he thought mattered or was important. Try as I might, I couldn’t let it go. This thought gnawed away internally until I realised, I didn’t trust Dave. I hated to admit this to myself. My gut conceded that if I didn’t have a marriage based on trust, I had nothing. Waking one morning with heaviness of heart, I had to confess this burden. While preparing breakfast for Dave before he left for work, I dissolved into tears. Glancing at me in dismay, he said, “Darling, what’s up?” I replied solemnly, “Dave, I have a real problem, I don’t trust you.” Astonishment was written all over his face. He held both of my hands as I continued,  “Do I have any reason not to trust you?” Me at my most vulnerable. Frightened yet confident of what I must do, I had to be honest. He kept a hold of my hands looking straight into my tear-filled eyes. “No, Noni, I love you and place you above all others.” 


Their story is raw, authentic and confronting.

Curious to know if there’s more to infidelity and affairs than first meets the eye? For more information, contact Noni & David or purchase the book here.

After journeying with them, you may just find yourself viewing this form of betrayal through a different lens.

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