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Affair Recovery Counselling

Noni is now available at A.R.C. to support others in their quest for healing from intimate deception.


Affair Recovery

At Affair Recovery, we help people heal from the pain of affairs and betrayal. Our programs are research-based, combining a solid curriculum with the strength of collaborative support to provide solace and recovery for both couples and individuals. All of our materials are created by clinical professionals, all of whom have personally experienced infidelity.

Linda J. MacDonald

Helping couples recover from the damage of infidelity for over 30 years as a marriage and family therapist

Lundy Bancroft

Lundy has over twenty-five years of experience in the fields of abuse, trauma, and recovery. He has published five books, including the best-seller Why Does He Do That?.

Bloom for Women

Join 40,000+ Women Healing from Betrayal

With Bloom, you find the tools and support you need to overcome the trauma from betrayal and infidelity.

We are a therapist backed digital community of women finding specialized, compassionate and professional help.

Minwalla Model

Born in the heart of the professional sex addiction “debate,” Dr. Minwalla grew to become a lighthouse, a lightning rod, and now, his work has become the vanishing point for the treatment of infidelity, sex addiction, and compulsive sexual behavior. READ MORE

Steven Stosny

Steven Stosny, Ph.D., is the founder of CompassionPower. His current book is Empowered Love. His previous books include, Soar Above: How to Use the Most Profound Part of Your Brain under Any Kind of Stress, Living and Loving after Betrayal, How to Improve your Marriage without Talking about It: Finding Love beyond Words, Love without Hurt, The Powerful Self, and Treating Attachment Abuse. READ MORE

Beyond Affairs

Anne and Brian Bercht are North America’s leading affair recovery specialists. They have appeared in media around the world, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil, Today Show, ABC News, CTV, Daily Mail, Newsweek, USA Today and The Seven Network.

Shirley Glass

One of the World’s leading experts on infidelity.

Robert Weiss

Seeking Integrity was founded in the fall of 2017 to move treatment for sex addiction, pornography addiction, and paired substance use and sexual behaviour into the 21st century. We recognize that in today’s increasingly digital world, much of our daily life, including addictive behaviours, takes place via digital technology. READ MORE

Path for Men


Welcome to Path for Men, the digital recovery community providing specialized, empathetic, compassionate, therapy and online courses to overcome unwanted sexual behaviours and repair damaged relationships.

Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Betrayal Trauma Recovery is a daily support group, with multiple sessions a day in multiple time zones. BTR also provides a free educational podcast for women needing immediate emotional refuge from the pain and chaos caused by their husband’s lying, gaslighting, manipulation, porn use, cheating, infidelity, emotional abuse, and narcissistic traits. READ MORE

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