D Day

Wow, which one? 

There’s been plenty of discovery over the years but only one full disclosure.

That came twenty eight years after the first discovery.

I’ve not met many people who get the whole truth in one go. 

More commonly the truth is trickled out over time which is repeatedly devastating and only prolongs the agony and delays healing.

Each time a snippet of unknown information is exposed it sets recovery right back to the start.

How can we recover from things we don’t know about? 

Whatever stays hidden will always remain a barrier to intimacy.

Healing can not begin until the last piece of the puzzle is revealed and the longer this takes the more doubt there is that the unfaithful is really telling the truth, even if they are.

Talk talk talk and then talk some more. 

Oh yes it’s painful, excruciatingly painful but completely necessary. 

Be safe for each other.

Have rules for time out when needed.

Hold space for one another. 

Take breaks. 

You can do it. 

Rip the bandaid off, tell the truth,all of it and let love grow.

Recovery timeline starts then!

World Mental Health Day 2020

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.”

You’re Stronger Than You Think!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

“When we recover loudly, we keep others from dying quietly” — Unknown

August 2020; Mid Pandemic Getaway

“There’s a book in everyone” they say.

Why did this have to be ‘our’ book?

Seriously, why did this have to happen to me?

Why did it have to happen to us?

“Why not?” the wise person answered.

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