Amazing Grace

GRACE is the unmerited favour of God toward mankind...

Grace can’t be bought or earned and none of us is deserving.

It’s a free gift borne out of divine love.

Billy Graham says “Our human mind, with it’s philosophy of an equal return of favours done, can hardly comprehend the full meaning of this grace of God”

Anyone who has read our memoir might recall from chapter 6, that I extended grace to Dave’s affair partner in 1994. This prompting had nothing to do with me being an exceptional woman or anything remotely close to amazing. It had everything to do with God’s grace in my own life.

Before anyone considers doing the same though, a wee bit of advice—examine your motives thoroughly and be prepared for any outcome. Although I have no regret over my gesture towards Karen in 1994, if my expectation was for honour and loyalty from them in return, I would have—at best been sadly disappointed and at worst—mortally wounded. Proceed with caution.

There is so much freedom in extending grace to others and even more extending to yourself.

We are so good at beating ourselves up over stuff that is out of our control or is a consequence of other peoples choices.

How often do we feel like a failure if we screw up, let others down or think we don’t measure up. What good is a comparison?

You are you, uniquely and wonderfully created, be kind to yourself and know that you are loved just as you are.

Walk confidently and receive this incredible free gift.


Noni xxx

The olive branch is a symbol of peace—an offer or gesture of conciliation or goodwill

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