Beyond Betrayal Paperback

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Married to his best friend for over twenty-five years, Dave has shown Noni more joy love laughter passion pleasure and good times than she’s ever known.

He’s also given her more frustration anger grief sorrow despair and pain than she ever thought possible.  ‘Beyond Betrayal’ is their story – warts and all.
They’ve courageously shared how living inauthentically impacted their emotional relational spiritual and physical well-being, plus the unforeseen turnaround resurrecting their dead marriage.  “It is ‘us,’ at our most vulnerable.”

Raw, authentic and with no excuses offered: Dave has bravely allowed access into his mind – the mind of an adulterer.


1 review for Beyond Betrayal Paperback

  1. Lee Penfold

    Facing the truth is often emotionally painful but it is one of the most powerful and freeing things we can do. I think the title of this book says it all, the effect of things unsaid, deceit and self protection can have in relationships. I truly understand Noni’s commitment as a mother and Christian women to preserve her family unit as the alternative can be devastating and often seen as an easy way out. We should never be afraid of truth it brings light into your life and dispels darkness. A great read that I hope and pray will have a happy ending.

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