About Us

Noni Yates

Proud mother to three incredibly adorable young adults. 

Noni’s life experience is as wide and varied as her employment history. 

Her children joke that she has had more jobs than Homer Simpson, amusing themselves as author is now added to her extensive list. 

Kiosk attendant, hairdresser, waitress, real estate, airlines guest services attendant, personal carer, resort activities coordinator, makeup artist, service sales assistant aged care amongst others. 

The common denominator, people. 

First and fore-most Noni is a people person, screens and technology an unnecessary evil, face to face watch her shine!

Noni believes that giving back is an important part of building strong communities. 

Her volunteering roles at any time include; Church service manager, conference/event coordination, haircuts for homeless, Emceeing and facilitating various interest groups etc.

She is fearless in her desire to see people reach their full potential, to live their best lives. 

A born encourager, empathetic, compassionate, a connector, Noni believes the best in others and strives to live a life without limits. 

Noni is a qualified counsellor and facilitates support groups for men and women impacted by infidelity betrayal. She is currently pursuing certification as a Root Cause Therapist with The Centre For Healing in Melbourne Australia.

Living on the north coast of New South Wales with her husband Dave, their deaf French Bulldog Lilli and aloof rescue cat Ed, also known as Eddie, Buddy, Mr, Boi, Cedrick. A cat with many names and answers to none.

Dave and Noni’s youngest son, his rescue cat Brownie and her ex-partner also live with them… It’s weird but it works.

(And no, it’s definitely not polygamous)

Noni and David believe that “adversity is a terrible thing to waste” so “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”! 

Both purposeful in helping others heal from affairs.

David Yates

An avid surfer and fisherman, a true Piscean, the ocean is where David finds his solace. Preferring board shorts over boardrooms any day, his ultimate day/week/month/year; feet planted in sand and body immersed in saltwater. 

During his late teens David developed a formative friendship with world renowned humanitarian Fred C Hollows. The friendship with Fred instilling strong determination in David to see others equipped for their own success and well-being. 

David regards the care and concern for fellow humans a most valuable endeavour. He has enthusiastically volunteered time and expertise in the field of eye care to humanitarian projects in underdeveloped countries.

Other life experiences and lessons, although passing by seemingly unnoticed, became more influential than any mentor. Potent, powerful and commanding, with destructive outcomes. 

At Fifty-Eight years of age, recovering from financial ruin and two bouts of cancer, his greatest fight was still ahead. 

The battle to find his identity and recover family became a process of acquainting himself with an unseen enemy. 

By sharing secrets and lies he vowed to take to the grave, David’s story is not just a warning but a message of hope for the families and men whose lives are crippled by the plague of shame and infidelity.  

David considers it a privilege and a duty to mentor groups of men who have found their lives and families annihilated by their choices. 

No one is beyond hope. 


David and Noni have completed Levels 1 and 2 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, the Gottman Method for Treating Affairs and Trauma plus Couples and Addiction Recovery.