Wholehearted Intensive Grief Retreat

Friday July 14th-Monday July 17th 2023—right here in Australia!

I am so excited to announce the upcoming Wholehearted Intensive Grief Retreat for women healing from intimate betrayal.

I hope we can agree that as betrayed spouses an opportunity such as this is an absolute blessing. If you attended The 2023 Choose Connection Summit online recently, you would have heard Cat Etherington and Fran Hopwood speak. If not, I can vouch for the valuable insight, compassion and integrity of these truly amazing women and they are coming all the way from the UK to help us heal.

Ask yourself…

Would you benefit from having space and time to grieve your losses in safe community? Do you crave some time away from the day-to-day to really get in touch with those losses? Do you just need to be taken care of while you process the realities of life post-betrayal? Maybe you just want to hang out with a community of women who ‘get it’ for a few days?

A “yes” to any of these questions requires action to make it a reality…we’d love you to join us.

Take this precious time to reflect, express and remember the losses associated with sexual betrayal, it’s all part of our healing process. There are only 16 spots available so get in quick and secure your place. For more details click here.

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